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360° Fitness Programs designed to meet your specific goals

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Cardio & Endurance

Cardio and Endurance training is essential part of your fitness. The world-class machines to help you meet your goals.

Strength Training

To help you manage or lose weight, and increase your metabolism to help you burn more calories.

Personal Training

Selected and Certified trainers to give you personalised and focused fitness sessions.

Diet Cafe

The in-house diet cafe (Catalyst Cafe) for you to order healthy food anytime before or after the workout. It serves the wide variety of veg and non-veg options to break the monotony.

Fusion Dance Fitness

Combination of Regional music with Bollywood, English and Latin tracks to improve your mobility, agility and stamina.

Hatha Yoga

To enhance your strength, flexibility, and balance in the most organic form of exercise, originating from Indian tradition.

So challenge yourself at Fitness Junkie

In a nutshell, at Fitness Junkie we offer you a great workout experience with the best trainers!